Finance Solutions


Finance Solutions

    List of Financial services include:
  • — Alternative Financing
  • — Corporate Finance
  • — Equipment Finance
  • — Project Finance
  • — Trade Finance
  • — Structured Finance

Corporate Finance

We assist our corporate clients with a wide range of corporate finance services such as debt and equity financing, project appraisal and investment decisions, capital structuring, working capital management, among others.

Equipment Finance

Whether it is a loan or a lease, we bring to bare the expertise in securing funding. We assist clients to access equipment of all kinds for their businesses. From vehicles, machines, fixtures and fittings, building materials, etc.

Trade Finance

When in need of financing for international transactions, we proffer solutions which make it easier for importers and exporters to go about their business. We help secure financial instruments that facilitate their business activities and commodity trade.

Alternative Financing

We find alternative financing solutions to clients’ projects. Aside from those provided by traditional banks, we seek other forms of financing to meet the expectations of our clients.

Structured Finance

For companies with financing needs to manage their risks outside the conventional ones, we offer solutions such as collateralized debt and bonds, etc.

Project Finance

The project finance solutions cuts across industries. Sources of funding such as hedge funds, venture capital firms, institutional investors, investment banks and money market funds are explored.