Advisory Services


Advisory Services

We provide services that have significant impact on the growth and future success of the businesses and markets our clients operate in.
We gain a thorough understanding of our clients' key business drivers and objectives, assisting them in identifying, simulating, and testing business options, allowing them to gain a more comprehensive and informed understanding of the potential risks and returns involved.
    Some of our advisory services include, but are not limited to:
  • — Business and Strategic Plans Development
  • — Capacity Building and Training
  • — Company Valuation
  • — Corporate Governance and Compliance
  • — Corporate Restructuring
  • — Financial Projections and Modelling
  • — Project development and Management
  • — Proposal Writings, amongst others

Business Plans

We aid start ups and already established firms to put together winning business plans. Whether to create effective strategies for growth, to determine future needs or to attract investors. Our detailed plans cut across several industries and offers the best to our clients. These are necessary for company growth and to rise up to the disruptive forces constantly facing businesses.

Financial Projections and Modelling

Our Business Modelling is a market-leading, dedicated center of excellence that draws on the company's full-service capability, utilizing technical modeling and analytical toolkits to provide innovative, analytical support to help our clients make better decisions and achieve their objectives.

Capacity Building and Training

Every company has their clients being one of their most valuable and strategic assets. As such, we offer capacity building and training sessions for companies by organizing seminars, conferences, simulated fun games and trips with the end goal of equipping employees with renewed synergy, commitment and enhanced skills and knowledge to achieve excellence.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

There has been a growing need for companies’ operations to be founded on good corporate governance and compliance practices. This gives rise to the services we offer as a team. We helps companies draft and institute good governance policies and suitable risk and compliance measures to ensure accountability and transparency.

Company Valuation

In considering an investment opportunity, or searching for valuation for accounting and tax purposes, there is a need for expert judgement from one with industry knowledge. By offering Valuation services, we aid businesses to tell their worth by summing it up in valuation figures and stating the stories behind their figures.

Corporate Restructuring

Any area of restructuring such as mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, divestment, legal and operational, our team is available to assist companies go through these processes and achieve milestones.


In a case where proposals are needed to show an approach and value of a project or to solicit a client’s business, the team at ARM&T LTD will assist in putting together suitable data and statistics necessary for such projects.